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An action-packed love story filled with humor, heartbreak and lies. Two people that only fate would bring together whilst lies desperately kept them apart. A story filled with strong characters playing keen roles, each bringing the storyline to life.

A Sphere of Lies is a story about an American consulting firm that sends a team of ex-special forces down to South America to secure financial investments with a ruthless native business partner. The team quickly finds themselves caught up in the country's turmoil by getting personally involved with a local woman. In an attempt to escape the truth of who she is, Izzy tries to make a life for herself in the United States under the protection of two ex-special forces team members. Engulfed in the lies surrounding her existence, while terrified of the truth she hides.


What if the realms of legend and myth really did exist and are hiding in plain sight?
Theanna Daniels is an unusual woman with her pink hair and pink eyes thanks to some rather unique family genetics. With a life that is packed with enough family and relationship drama to make even the toughest therapist beg for mercy, Thea often dreams of simply being normal, finding love in a normal relationship and having a family of her own. Isn't that something every woman wants?
Unfortunately, normal isn't an option for her as she battles a grandmother who would rather see her dead and traverses the ups and downs of being in love with someone who not only has never been in a relationship before, he happens to be at least a few millennia older than she is. No, he's not a sparkly vampire, but yes, they do exist, along with werewolves, unicorns and even the occasional dragon.

When Emily’s morning sickness is not eased through homeopathy, and desperate to finish writing her first novel before the birth of her child, she is persuaded by her husband Laurence to try thalidomide to ease her symptoms, blissfully unaware of the devastating effects on her unborn baby. Abandoned by Laurence, Emily flees with her baby to her parents' house on Regency Square, Brighton, where she is persuaded to follow her parents' ideas on alternative medicine. Gradually, she starts to believe that despite her son’s disability, he could still live a full life. Then, she befriends Sylvia and Chris, parents of a similarly affected daughter, and the long battle for compensation from Distillers begins.


I am a 70-year-old grandmother who has finally had her book published. It has taken me over 12 years to complete. I still don't believe it has happened."I say never give up on your dreams" My book is two books in one novel. Based on a true story. My story! I had a very different childhood. My education came from real-life scenarios, something  you would not get from sitting in a classroom
I was pulled out of school at the age of thirteen. Travelled Australia with my restless, rogue, loveable rascal of a father. My life was one big adventure after another. I was taught hardships, hunger, survival, compassion, love, cunningness, integrity, gambling, fishing, hunting and going without. Engaged at fifteen and married at sixteen, giving birth to my first child at seventeen. We moved overseas and got caught in a war. Evacuated to London, where we spent two harrowing years trying to get home. Once back in Australia, I fought the biggest battle of my life, to save my children from an evil spirit in a haunted house. 


Winner of an Honorable Mention in the Genre: Short Story (Fairy Tale) category, in the 84th Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition (2015), “The Gardener Princess" is both a literary and modern book. The story begins with Princess Liat growing Faithful Princes in her marvellous garden. But after one Faithful Prince is kidnapped by an ogress, a chase ensues. Once inside the ogress' castle, the princess goes upstairs where she finds workers denying the Faithful Prince sleep - unless he agrees to marry the ogress. The princess is dismayed. She goes back downstairs.


In a city known for tourism and drugs, we follow Jit; a 20 year-old telemarketer with a bad attitude and a multitude of social disorders.After being forced from his mother's house, Jit finds himself living with his twin sister and her fiance; a former gangster turned hardworking homebody named Big-G. Now, as Jit struggles to get by at his commission-based job he encounters an intriguing figure who may be able to help him turn things around. A New Yorican named Tito who looks like money and reeks of the streets. After he discovers that Tito wasn't who he thought he was, Jit finds himself in debt to drug dealers, at odds with rivals, on the run from a rogue detective, and under the scope of a kingpin.Full of twists and turns, "JIT" is Julio Jackson's sophomore novel. While providing the same raw, street level, suspense as his debut novel, JIT is a step-up and a true testament to Julio's commitment to his craft. Complex characters, and honest storytelling will keep you enthralled in this genre defying book packed with action, drama, romance, and betrayal.


Not all of the President's men were busy working in Washington at the time of Watergate. Some were busy “down under”.
One of the most secretive and powerful spy bases in the world lies near the dead centre of Australia. It belongs to the CIA and is the lynchpin of America’s space-based global war machine. In 1975, Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam threatened to close the base. He was overthrown soon after. The CIA has always denied involvement in Whitlam’s downfall, but there is evidence to suggest otherwise. Twelve Miles from Alice is a political thriller set during this chaotic period, and blends fact with fiction to uncover a significant and plausible reason why the CIA (and MI6) wanted Whitlam removed from office.