5 Must-Read Books


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Welcome to the top 5 most popular reads of 2019.

#1 Where the Crawdads Sing

Top pick, a murder mystery, set in the quite town of Barkley Cove. In late 1969, a handsome Chase Andrews is found dead. Locals immediately presume the "Marsh Girl" is the culprit.

#2 The Testaments

Dare I say, there is no greater painter of words, than Margaret Atwood.This read is much like the rest of her series, very adult and gritty, but in the most interesting of ways. You see the world fifteen years after the events of Handmaid's tale, narrated by Aunt Lydia and her memories of Gilead.

#3 The Last Wish

The come back kings, with 7 titles to choose from it is the last in the series that has gained in popularity thanks to Netflix, well not Netflix we will call it the Henry touch. Which is similar to the Midas Touch.Everyone has been dusting off the book series as well as the old game series. Geralt the witcher and his many journey's fighting monsters.

#4 The Girl in the Letter

A powerful page turner, a disgraced pregnant woman is sent to a home to give her child up for adoption. UGH my heart cant take anymore of this Emily Gunnis.

#5 There There

Awards on top of awards, everyone is saying the same thing "What? Debut Aurthor?" is it possible to be that talented right off the bat? Well apparently so, you follow 12 people and their lives all intersecting in one big bang. Oh and Indians. It will all make sense later.

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