Did this weekend taste like freedom? Here are the LL's Top 3 picks for the American Revolution.

Updated: Jul 8

If you reside in the USA, you are probably wrapping up your 4TH of July festivities. Before the USA won her independence, there was a hard fought war that began April 19, 1775 known as the Battles of Lexington and Concord. British troops entering the Boston Harbor, intending to seize supplies, just another day in the office. They where instead met with an organized colonial resistance, queue Paul Revere's famous ride. Sounding the alarm bells, colonial militia and minutemen were on there way to intercept as the ships came rolling in-spoiler alert- they made it, historians have them punching in the Ole' Revolution Interception at 5am, the events that followed would change the world as we know it. Here are the LL's top picks for the American Revolution.[Source: wikipedia/Museum of the American Revolution: The Day the American Revolution Began/image:created am meier]

The British are Coming, by Rick Atkinson

Bestselling author/Pulitzer Prize winning Rick Atkinson of the Liberation series launches book one "The British Are Coming" in 2019. This roller coaster ride submerges you in the triumphs and the blunders, the hope and savagery that is war. The sweeping narrative tells its tale from multiple perspective yes Washington, but also the British. George and George(Washington and His Majesty King George- I want to call it "The Battle of the George's" so bad).

Bunker Hill, by Nathaniel Philbrick

First he is a historian, next Ny Times Bestseller, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, his book title Heart of the Sea is also a major motion picture(and the above list does not scratch the surface of the awards he has won- I believe I speak for us all when I say-slow down Nate let the rest of the world catch up). His above work, Bunker Hill is being hailed as a "masterpiece". For those of you who may not remember, it was the bloodiest battle in the revolution. The "Event Horizon" for all involved. The novel is told in POV-John Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere and George Washington to name a few.

Washington's Spies by Alexander Rose

Why yes, we love books we can read or watch... We are busy people! Yes the author is also a historian, and this tale will hook you and not let go. Seriously, swashbuckling spy, working for General George Washington amongst a chorus of other sketchy people, that quite literally had the future of this nation in their hands.

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