The Art of Writing

Updated: Jun 1

Whelp, we are just going to open this can of worms.

Full disclosure, there is not a right way or wrong way to do anything in writing. It simply comes down to execution.

It doesn't matter if you outline, or let your characters roam. It is whether or not your reader can see the world that you do.

You will be molding your thoughts into a story, bringing your imagination to life. Sounds beautiful doesn't it? Everyone skips over the amount of rewriting and editing that goes into to your manuscript. Hooks and scenes that have to be rewritten, not mention the line edits, because punctuation is a thing. This isn't to persuade you from writing, but rather to prepare you for the journey.

You will be met with those who doubt your ability, or simply do not have the time to represent you. Do not let them smother the embers of your dream. Work on you (take an online course on dialog, or look for inspiration in the eyes of your children. Who are watching you and learning how to respond to life.) For more than a few years an author can expect to be met with adversity. Maintain your course, build your platform. Not just online, find other authors and build relationships. If you can't find one right for you, then Eureka! You have found the starting place for your blog/vlog/online community, you just have to do it.

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