Top 5 Fantasy Picks

Updated: Jul 8

Have you been looking for a new reality, perhaps one that doesn't require face masks or gallons of hand-sanitizer? Me too! Here are the LL's top fantasy picks.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness.

The book series has already made its way to the BBC as a television series, but just in case the title wasn't abundantly clear, there are witches in this one. Rounding out the super natural roster we have demons and yes vampires that make you swoon. Well just one swoon worthy vampire, the rest just suck-as in literally. If you love historical fiction, then hold on to your cell phone when you read this next part -it is written by a history professor. Yep, a time traveling romance with so many little Easter eggs for all you smarty pants out there. I will warn you the first book does start off slow, but by about page 20 you will be swept.

Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer.

I get it, its not out yet, and glittering vampires? Again? Yes people, Midnight Sun was highly anticipated because it is told in the perspective of good Ole' Eddie Cullen. It is a retelling of the story through his dark, and irrational obsession with Bella. Can I call it that? Bella Brain. I started a thing. The franchise boasts billions, yet no one confesses to being a fan, its like Michael Buble fans. We know you are there because the guy is rich, just haven't met one of you yet. Launch date is set for August 4, 2020.

Ruthless Gods by Emily A. Duncan.

Do you like your books the same way you enjoy your coffee? Dark? Well, do I have a NY Time best selling series for you (also coming in at almost 5 stars on Amazon) As the story goes, Ruthless Gods begins about six months after Wicked Saints, Malachiasz is still trying to overthrow the Gods. Serefin is King, Nadya is tending to her broken heart. You would really have to start with Wicked Saints to understand any of the above, but hey, now there are two books for you to read. In a nut shell Nadya is like Joan of Arc, she prays to these Gods during this war and they grant her hearts desire. Boom- be careful what you ask for.

Who Drank The Moon by Kelly Barnhill.

Children's book alert! Now, I know you see that shiny circle on the cover of that book, they don't hand out the Newbery Medal for participating. In an effort to make sure we are inclusive to all age groups, we found this little jewel. Luna is raised by witches, has mistakenly given powers and has to figure out how to use them, before its too late. Queue the plot twist music.

Straight On Till Morning- A Twisted Tale by Liz Braswell.

I know you have heard about Twisted Tales- What?! You haven't heard about Disney twisting up their fairy tales? Well, they do that. It's how they came up with Wicked. This twisted tale is the what if Wendy went to Neverland with Captain Hook. Makes a deal with the devil so she can meet Peter Pan. Of course who would Hook be if he didn't have some dastardly plan to destroy Neverland. The Lost Boys, to your favorite pixie will have to help save Neverland.

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